EvoHeat is driven by a need for sustainable, affordable and efficient electric heating systems. Below shows you how EvoHeat stacks up against old traditional heating methods. The results indisputably show that EvoHeat excels at providing real value for money, while also not abusing the environment.

Energy Efficiency

With one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, our units are up to 15 times more energy-efficient than other technologies in the market. This translates to exceptionally large savings in the long term. For every 1kW of electricity used, up to 16kW of heat is produced with an EvoHeat unit. Compare this with an electric element heater and you will see the ratio of electricity to heat production considerably less.

Running Costs c/kWh

Gas HeatingProduce approx. 800w of heat from 1kw of gas
Electric Element HeatingProduce 1kW of heat from 1kW of electricity
Evo Heat PumpsProduce up to 16kW of heat from 1kW of electricity
Solar HeatingCannot guarantee consistent pool heating as it is reliant on the weather.

EvoHeat is over 15 times more efficient than electric element heating and typically over half the running cost of gas. This makes EvoHeat products greener and cleaner than traditional methods of heating.

Complete Integration

Our systems are made for scaling up or scaling down. So, no matter how large or small your home or business, we can offer the perfect solution. Unlike gas pool heating companies offering stand-alone systems, EvoHeat heat pumps are designed to be used in conjunction with other and third party products such as solar PV panels.

Impressive Long Term Savings

Gas pool heating systems are costlier to install and more than twice the cost to run. They also need to be replaced sooner due to using nickel copper heat exchanges. With an EvoHeat unit, the running costs are very low and use 100% titanium heat exchanges with a 15-year warranty. Expect typical working life expectances of 15-20 years with our equipment. An EvoHeat electric heating system can take as little as 6 months to pay for itself when compared to competing technologies such as electric element. Once this break-even is reached, the reward is huge long term savings on energy costs. Other pool heating systems on the market offer a good purchase price, yet because of their inefficiency, they hemorrhage money forever afterwards.