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Customised and Made-to-order

Whether you're from a large organisation or a house in the suburbs, we listen and pay attention. Our heating specialists can assess your usage patterns, energy prices and property to create a tailor-made solution.

Tangible and Proven Savings on Energy Costs

Electric element and gas heating is between 400% and 600% more expensive than EvoHeat’s products. Our free assessment will give you an accurate and clear long term strategy for saving money on energy.

Kind to the Environment

Our technology is driven by the need to be sustainable. We use refrigerants that are recognised by international certification (ISO9001) for ozone depletion. We’re also registered under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act.

Completely Scalable and Flexible

We offer home heat pumps with the 5kW to 25kW output. Additionally, we offer monobloc units that can be combined to provide a commercial facility with 3600 kW output and above. EvoHeat can build a tailor-made system for any home or commercial facility.


No energy use challenge is insurmountable with EvoHeat. Our dedicated service team can provide support and help for the lifetime of a product, and of course we can also provide general advice on our products, heating, and cooling too.


The critical part of pool heaters – the titanium heating coil, is covered by a comprehensive 25 year warranty. Our domestic and commercial heat pumps are also covered by an industry-leading warranty.

EvoHeat means smarter living through energy saving.

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WORDS FROM oursatisfied customers

Dwayne – Fusion-i

From the moment our new 44kL pool was filled with water, our Fusion-i 12 has been quietly running in the background keeping our pool at a comfortable 28 degrees. By using a pool cover through the colder months it has no trouble in keeping the pool at this temperature. The unit works great with the J-box by utilising the existing pool pump. A big thank you to Adam for helping us choose which model and explain how the J-box works. This was by far the best money we spent during our pool construction. Highly recommended.

Brad – Force-i

My Force i24 heat pump has been easy to use and heats up the pool really quickly. It is extremely quiet and looks fantastic. Connecting it to my iphone was straight forward and easy, it only took 5 minutes. I am very happy with the build quality and performance of this unit and would recommend to anyone looking for a economical and quiet heat pump